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EQ FleXia® eQuick® Special Edition

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EQFleXia® in the special eQuick® edition. Stick your feet in the future!

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Only 9 left in stock

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We are all facing an unprecedented crisis.

Italy we are experiencing extremely difficult days, so we decided to contribute to the fight against the virus by giving concrete support to hospitals in our area. For each order received on our site, we will donate 10€ to Italian hospitals.

Thanks to “Italia non profit” for their constant work in ensuring that donations can reach their destination without going through any intermediary.


Stick your feet in the future with eQuick® EQFleXia®

Discover what happen when technology meets sport.

STICKY Threads

This revolutionary concept is going 

to change everything.

STICKY Threads
  • The design of our threads let the rider’s feet to remain always stable

  • Incomparable grip even in the hardest conditions

  • Adjustable grip system


Let us introduce  

the main feature

of eQuick® EQFleXia® stirrups.

  • The Flex function is more than a suspension system: it increase the rider’s equilibrium and feeling in all the conditions, even from walking.

  • The back Flex gives to the rider and incredible stability and feeling, absorbing vibrations hand shocks

  • The front Flex is very useful when receiving from jumps and improves safety

  • Flex functions are active and follows the rider’s movements all the situations

Front FLEX
Front FLEX up to 11°
Back FLEX up to 14°

Safety SHAPE

Safety SHAPE works 

with the suspension system

to improve the safety.

  • The space between the front of the arch and the back of the thread is considerably increased, and now is very difficult hang the tiptoe on the arch

  • When the front flex is working, the space between the thread and the arch is drastically reduced.

Safety SHAPE
  • Safety SHAPE working with suspension system: when the rider applies pressure on the front of the thread, the flex system reduce drastically the space between the arch and the thread.

  • Safety SHAPE is a new concept of safety. With the shape of the branches combined with our special threads and the flex system, we are setting a new standard.

Tiptoe Hanging

Full Hanging

Additional information

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions24 × 17 × 12 cm
In the box

A pair of stirrups with total black carbon patches and an extra grip screws set.


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